1 Prepainted/Colour Sheets (Galvanized base) with some galvanized sheets, semi/block assorted. Good secondary sheet, commercial quality. Different colour in one bundle.
Thickness: 0.35mm to 0.60mm (mix)
Width: 600mm-1524mm
Length: All 2438mm
Package Wt: 1mt-3mt
2 Prepainted Coils, Good class seconds.
Thickness: 0.20mm to 1.60mm
Width: 600mm-1550mm
Coil Wt: 1mt-15mt
3 Galvanized/Galvannealed, semi/block assorted, good secondary sheets, commercial quality..
Thickness: 0.25mm to 0.70mm
Widths: 600mm-1250mm
Coil Wt: 1mt and below (small coils)

Coil Rolled
Hot Rolled
Galvanized / Galvannealed

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